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In September 2017, we established the fine chemicals group research group of bio-based materials group, and in September 2020, the group research group was transferred to the system microbial engineering group. This group focuses on the basic and application research of demand-oriented open fermentation, and its research scope covers such fields as microorganism, metabolic engineering, characterization and control of mixed bacteria succession, fermentation, etc., and its products involve bio-based materials and chemicals, tobacco, etc. It has been supported by many projects from the State, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, China Tobacco Hainan Provincial Department, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Institute.

There are 29 staff and students in the group, including 1 researcher, 3 associate researchers, 3 assistant researchers, 2 postdoctoral fellows, 5 research assistants, 2 doctoral students, 13 master’s students (including 8 jointly educates students). In 2020, the group won the honorary title ofQingdao Youth Plays a Good Team.In recent years, more than 70 publications were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals likeNature communications, Natural Product Reports, etc., and were applied for more than 40 patents.

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